Hendrik Göpfert


Front of House / Monitormix


analog / digital Mixing Desk

Motivation   Experience   Passion

Ten years ago I decided to follow my passion and became a soundengineer and freelancer. Until then I was a musician and always interested in the "other side" of the business. Why sounded it sometimes so fantastic on stage and other times it did not? Which influence had the person behind the mixing desk? I wanted to learn the soundengineering skills from scratch and so I started as an intern at a local company.

It was a hard and long way to learn but following my path I learnt a lot (something by mistake). I learnt by experience and never forgot. Now I can rely on my expert knowledge in every situation. My professional education and further training built a strong foundation for my work. But most important is that I never forget what music is all about: Feeling the energy and being touched deeply.

Sound engineers are the connection between the artists on stage and the audience. We can make a great show sound even better.




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